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The automated vertical warehouses use mechanical structures moving between two rows of racks to carry out the load AS/RS (storage / retrieval) operations. The stored containers are trays whose features and dimensions are determined by specific characteristics of the goods. The whole structure is fully enclosed by walls and therefore isolated from the company surrounding environment; the only openings are one or more “bays” through which the trays are set available by the system. The handling operations are controlled by software through the appropriate station placed next to the bay.

    The solution to quickly and safely manage the warehouse activities

    SPAZIO1 enables every company to have the use of a suitable and economic solution to exploit the advantages of an automated warehouse. The use of the traditional structures in carrying out the normal warehouse activities accustomed the company to accept several inefficiencies due to the occupied spaces, the waiting times, the difficulties in retrieving the goods, their damages, the consequences on the productions, the worker occurring accidents and so on. Several inefficiencies which, in reality, determine even important costs, especially if we consider the global value. SPAZIO1 may expand on the whole available height thus increasing up to 80% the storage capacity with the minimum footprint. The exclusive automation system housed by the machine and its external structure represent the solution able to make the various warehousing activities safe, quick and simple. Bays, containers/trays and accessories may be realized according to the necessities relevant to the different good features, to their smooth motion and to the procedures of the other linked activities. Characteristics which allow SPAZIO1 to be employed in whichever company reality without having to renounce to all possible advantages in terms of efficiency and saving.


    Wide range, for an efficient storage capacity

    Thanks to the possibility of composing it by modules, SPAZIO may be adjusted in such a way as to transfer its efficiency to every peculiar company. Every company has then the possibility to take advantage from the efficiency of an automated warehouse suitable to its own operative and economic necessities. The structure moving the trays is able to operate not only vertically, to exploit the available heights, but also lengthwise, by increasing, according to the needs, the number of columns where to house trays. With this solution the machine storage capacity may be considerably increased thus allowing to manage, even through a single bay (and with a single operator), all the trays present into the warehouse. A set of advantages placing SPAZIO at a higher level with respect to the other solutions present on the market.


    High flexibility degree for high space and storage requirements.

    The system carrying out the automatic operations inside UNICO has been realized by using a stacker-crane structure. An application which allows UNICO to optimize the space utilization when the demand of important storage capacity may cause problems. The modular structure allows to adjust the machine dimensions, both lengthwise and in height, to guarantee a comprehensive response to any necessity of quantity to be stored. UNICO enables to control, even from one single bay (and with one single operator), the handling of a high quantity of goods and therefore to apply, even in special operative realities, the advantages coming from the picking/deposit operation automation without having to renounce to their contribution in terms of efficiency and cheapness. The exceptional flexibility, being the exclusive characteristic of UNICO, may then be exploited not only regarding the space but also in the time. In fact, the system is in a position to go with the company along its business development, always keeping the attained efficiency levels, thanks to the ability of being expanded, easily and with a modest expense, simply by adding the necessary modules. The designed and applied exclusive technology, makes zmagazzini systems the only ones able to integrate in a perfect way with the peculiar needs of space and capacity distiguishing every single company, being this the necessary condition to transform the advantages coming from the automated structures into positive results.


Up to 80% space saving in relation to the traditional racks:
more space available for the production department;
better use and distribution of the available spaces to the various departments;
optimized procurement process by providing a single department with its specific warehouse.
Possibility of overcoming some structural limits imposed by the rules referring to the traditional warehouses:
better ratio between occupied space and logistic capacity (even in underground and/or external spaces); 
less limitations due to the good weight and volume.
The flexibility in positioning the bay allows, with one warehouse only, to solve the storaging needs and/or the record of more departments, even when located on different floors.

Faster and better organized storage and/or retrieval:
considerable reduction of the waiting times thanks to the possibility of carrying  out several operations simultaneously when having more than one bay.
Reduction of the human resources to employ into the warehousing activities:
the automatic system and the control software solve several activities previously demanding the intervention of several operators; 
the management software is designed for an immediate and easy use.
Possibility of permitting the good picking to the authorized operators only. Identification and storage of all the accesses and operations:
higher attention from the operators;
zeroing of unwelcome event risks (thefts, sabotages, etc.); 
certainty about the stocked quantities and inventory in real time;
cost reduction thanks to a better management of both the stock and the provision processes;
certainty of the good traceability.

The whole system is fully enclosed and consequently not accessible by the personnel:

zeroing of the accident risks typical of the activities carried out into the traditional structures; 
zeroing of the accident risks due to the structure fatigue; 
reduction of the accident risks thanks to bigger availability of company spaces resulting in a general improvement of the working environment; 
zeroing of the costs necessary to respect the low prescriptions for the space characteristics and use inside the traditional structures.
The only openings are the picking and/or retrieving bays:
total safeguard thanks to the ergonomics of the operator activities.
All goods have an appropriate and isolated housing:
important reduction of possible damages to things and/or persons; 
important reduction of possible confusion and contaminations among different materials.
Improvement of cleannes and hygienic conditions of both the goods and the company spaces.
Improvement of the company climate thanks to a higher perception of safety by the operators.


The employ of the new storing systems, based on the automated vertical warehouses, allows for several opportunities to reduce all those costs the company has always been obliged to sustain for the traditional logistic infrastructures: wastes and consumes due to the occupied spaces and to the used human and non-human resources. Those wastes and consumes being due to the several structural binds (stocking capacity, worker safety rules, picking and retrieval modalities, etc.). A mass of inefficiencies that may cause a waste of time, money and energy in various departments resulting in profitability losses that can affect the results of the whole company. The zmagazzini systems guarantee the best results thanks to the possibility to adjust every machine to the specific characteristics of spaces, activities and material typology of the company reality.

The stored containers are trays whose features and dimensions are determined by the specific characteristics of the goods and by the storaging necessities (storage density, protection, insulation, etc.):
they can be realized with different dimensions and thickness according to their expected capacity and equipped with suitable perimeter edges having different heights and/or with partitions.

Every bay may be adjusted to maintain ergonomics and safety for the storage/retrieval operations even in case of materials having special characteristics (weight and volume), in case of specific operative needs such as the line integration:
they may be equipped with external appendixes for heavy material  picking/deposit operations by means of lifters and/or for the tray deposit on suitable trolleys;
they may be integrated with line handling automated systems;
the bay quantity and placement flexibility allows, with a single warehouse, to solve the storaging needs of more departments, even when located on different floors.

EASY-NET is the software controlling, in a simple and immediate way, the company logistic, through the picking list planning, the operation and stock control, the continuous monitoring of safety and functionality: 
the system allows a single operator to organise the efficiency of several systems (automated vertical warehouses, stacker-crane systems, traditional racks, etc.) and therefore the storage/retrieval activities necessary to match with the various   company sector needs;
the software is designed in such a way as to be integrated with the other computer programs present in the company (ERP software, Database, etc.) and as to adjust its interface to the chosen display terminals (PC monitor, RF terminal, display, etc.).

The external shell has been designed to be easily customized, even with the colour choice, thus allowing every company to satisfy its image demands.


High storage density
Such an option allows to optimize the internal space.


It is possible to install safety photocells to improve the operator protection at the picking station.


Tray support brackets
The brackets may be fitted with a min. 50mm. pitch. If combined with double-support trays, it is possible to reduce the pitch down to 25 mm. “Top” compression.


Load cells
The bay may be provided with weight checking system


Tray detail
Simple-support tray with strengthened rim and relevant sliding guide.


Automatic shutter
It allows to isolate the tray motion organ from the operator, thus guaranteeing the maximum protection. Moreover it protects the stored goods from the dust.


Telescopic pullout bay
Handling of the goods by means of tackle. The advantage is that when there is no need of moving heavy goods, the bay is hidden. (solution advised in case of spot needs)


External driven bay
Handling of goods by means of FLT. The advantage is that the tray picking/storage times are quite reduced. (solution advised in case the need of moving heavy goods is systematic)


Multi-tray Trolley (NEW PATENT PENDING)
Extra function of the normal picking bay allowing to accelerate the loading/unloading of article “batches”. The trolley allows to insert/extract from the Vertical Warehouse and to easily move, throught the plant, a group of trays containing a certain article set.
It is possible, for example, with one operation only:
to extract all the components necessary to the installation of a machine part (group).
to insert all the articles present into a production batch.
to insert trays prepared at other areas of the plant or of the warehouse.